On the hunt

This seems a far better option on how to spend his time. 

Steve’s spent enough time in the gym as is and he makes it about halfway to the office before he feels something unsettle him. Long legs open up and he cuts his time in half, silent in the halls as he goes. Being prepared for fairly much anything is a bit like his tagline and the Captain finds himself face to face with the man exiting his office as he comes up. 

"What happened?" he asks, smooth and straight-backed as he falls in next to the Director. Because there’s a steely determination in the other that he can spot and the Captain doesn’t need the mental connection for all that. He has two eyes and he has a good, wide range of knowledge of when to step out of someone’s way and when to step into it. When to fall in line and when to help someone break out of line. He makes a curt turn on his heels and walks with the Director, mind already whirling.

The situation is never a good one, really, when it involves a look like that and Steve decides that it might be best to find his shield sooner rather than later.

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